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Invited and welcome

June 22, 2024

Community Engagement

2 min read

Changing the world one campfire at a time

Inclusion is at the heart of being True to the Trail – and Oboz has teamed up with Black Folks Camp Too to invite more people to experience the joys of the outdoors.

Black Folks Camp Too, or BFCT, was founded in 2019 by Earl B. Hunter with a mission to remove fear, enhance knowledge and raise awareness of the reasons why more Black folks don’t participate in outdoor activities.  

Most new campers and hikers feel a mix of fear, excitement and nerves. But many Black people have intergenerational fears of camping as the woods were unsafe places for hundreds of years.  

As Earl says, many Black folks will continue to avoid outdoor activities until they feel invited and welcomed around the campfire. 

In 2023, Oboz and BFCT released our first collaborative product, the BFCT + OBOZ O FIT Insole Plus. This insole features the Unity Blaze – BFCT’s symbol of inclusion – in each heel cup. The phrase “Put a little soul in your step” is featured in the left forefoot.  

In 2024, we launched Outside 101, a series of videos that answer questions and address concerns that people may have about any outdoor activity, whether that’s hiking, camping or even enjoying a family picnic. 

Unity Blaze Oboz Trail Experiences also echo BFCT’s inclusion strategy by encouraging people who join to “bring someone who doesn’t look like you”. 

As Earl says: “The BFCT + Oboz Footwear partnership is a prime example of two companies starting at the toenail of the elephant.

“Together, we discussed and developed a plan, we methodically and expeditiously moved forward, now we are trusting our work as we continue to improve our process to educate folks about footwear and trails. We are changing the world… one campfire at a time folks!” 

Find out more about how the Black Folks Camp Too Unity Blaze Academy is building unity in the outdoor community and beyond.