Board and Management

At KMD Brands, we’re proud to have an exceptionally talented group of people on the board and in the management team.

Meet the board

The board provides overall strategic oversight of KMD Brands, including adherence to best-practice governance principles, maintenance of the highest ethical standards and protection of core values so that the KMD Brands group is managed effectively and responsibly.

David Kirk


Michael Daly

Managing Director and Group CEO

Andrea Martens

Non-Executive Director

Brent Scrimshaw

Non-Executive Director

Philip Bowman

Non-Executive Director

Abby Foote

Non-Executive Director

Zion Armstrong

Non-Executive Director

Meet the management team

The management team takes care of the day-to-day management and operation of KMD Brands, regularly reporting to the board on all aspects of group performance.

Michael Daly

Managing Director and Group CEO

Chris Kinraid

Group Chief Financial Officer

Megan Welch

Chief Executive Office l Kathmandu

Amy Beck

President Oboz and KMD Brands North America

Brooke Farris

Chief Executive Officer | Rip Curl

Jolann van Dyk

Group Chief Information Officer

Frances Blundell

Chief Legal & ESG Officer and Company Secretary

Linda Barlow

Chief Human Resources Officer

Lachlan Farran

Chief Commercial Officer

Mathieu Lefin

President KMD Brands - Europe

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